Monday, December 8, 2008

The Book Thief

Oh, god. This book will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, if you are like me. It made me cry so hard that I was wreck, and it wasn't really about the sadness of some of those parts. Just the emotion and feeling. And the frankness of the author, Markus Zusak.

I am pretty sure I got the recommendation from BAP...too lazy to go check. :D

Anyway, it is based at the time of World War II, the Holocaust, but for once it's not through the eyes of a Jew.
Liesel Meminger is a true blonde German. But when her mother drops her off to be adopted by the loving Hubermanns, the seven year old girl is haunted by her past. The poverty-stricken street that Liesel lives on is filled with vivid characters, who are hauntingly real. There are friends and midnight reading lessons.
When the Hubermanns accept a Jew into their basement, Liesels world changes and your attention will be demanded.
When the bombing starts it changes uncontrollably.
Through all the tragedy there is always love ready there for Liesel.
Follow Liesel's story, narrated by Death himself, from when she is a young girl through to her adolescent years. This is truly the most unique story ever.

Read it! Post your own! Be happy!


Dame Orchid said...

Is the Book Thief really sad? Because I really don't like books that are sad.

bloody awful poetry said...

LOL yes, I did recommend it, waaay back. I'm glad it had such an impact on you! Well, I'm not happy that you cried, but yes, it's a beautiful harrowing story, and I'm a bit bummed because I lent my copy to somebody and i forgot who it is, which blows.

21 said...

Yes, The Book Thief is really sad. I am inconsolable with grief. I don't think I'v ever read anything so sad before. I loved it though, especially the choice of narrator. As a show of respect for all the people in that story, I am making no attempt to cheer myself. I think I'll stew in my despair for the weekend. I definitely recommend this book. It will change you.

Anonymous said...

dude, I LOVE THAT BOOK!!!!!! but no one really has ever heard of it...

liltomboyblue said...

Wow, cool... It's true that a lot of books around that are all about Jews. Not that it's bad, but it would be intresting to hear another perspective.

Anonymous said...

hey, if u like this book, u should read " i am the messenger " by markus z...(something!). its a really good book and the ending will surprise u!
peace, love and just bee,
izzy bee

Micci said...
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Micci said...

Wow, I read that in the summer of 2008. I just picked it off the shelf because I found it interesting. Plus, there was a "P" award on it, so I thought it won a Pulitzer prize. When I read it, nobody knew about it. And now, it's popping up everywhere.