Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jurassic Park

I am very serious when I say that Michael Crichton's book, Jurassic Park, is one of my favorites. I usually don't go for the gory books of death and destruction, but this one was intriguing.
It starts off with a young boy who has been ripped up by something, being shipped to a hospital. Read it!
Then it goes to a young girl and her parents, traveling to a deserted beach. She is studying wildlife, when a small birdlike reptile attacks her arm. That is one of my favorite parts.

And so launches the gory, tragic, horrifying, and freaky...Jurassic Park.

I am starting another Crichton book, and it has started off the same way. A guy comes into a hospital, puking blood. (Sorry for any visuals!)

I will post about Timeline (the above book), soon!


Bohae said...

I have never read Jurassic Park...and I have never read Timeline. But both sound really...interesting ;D

Erin said...

Oh, Timeline! That is the very next book on my to-read stack!

bloodyawfulpoetry said...

I have watched jurassic park. Many many times.
But thanks to you i will read it now =)

theatre said...

my siblings all just finished Timeline, and I'm hating myself for having seen the movie without reading the book. Crichton is an artist.

International Mastermind said...

Crichton IS an artist...but seeing the movie may clear up a few of your confusions. My mum doesn't allow me to see it. But all Crichton books are SO CONFUSING!!!!! Oh, well!