Wednesday, January 9, 2008

update to yee

I had two reviews already done and I was working on several more. I HAD. Now I don't know where the notebook is and I never got around to typing them up....

I'm really awful at this, aren't I?

PS. Bloody Awful Poetry - I. Love. Timeline. It's actually one of the two things that made me interested in quantum physics (the other's the Wikipedia entry on Schrodinger's Cat). (and I'm kinda nuts about quantum physics... um...)

PPS - to everyone else.... HEY, IS THAT A DEMONIC DUCK OVER THERE?! *runs away*


International Mastermind said...

I was the one who posted about Timeline! And, YEAH, it's fantastic. It's so...intriguing, when a guy drowns in his own blood.

:) :) :) :) :) :) ;)

International Mastermind said...

Wow! I LOVE the title!

bloody awful poetry said...

The guy drowns in his own bloood? Oh coolness!!!

Demonic DUCK?! wheee!

*runs off to read Wikipedia's entry on Schrodinger's cat*