Friday, November 16, 2007

If you like

blood, horror, and freaky Viking assassins with monster wolf-dog hybrids, then I highly recommend Comes a Horseman, by Robert Liparulo. His other freaky book that I have not read but plan to Germ, looks just as thrilling. Alright so back to Horseman the hook, line and sinker, on the back of the book and inside plan reveals to us that the main characters are on a mission to investigate and pursue death itself to reveal societies and horrible cover-ups thru-out history, no this isn't a time travel murder investigation, no this book is so much more then a sci-fi sketch deal or your regular mystery (if there is such a thing) it takes you deep into the darker side of life and death challenging your beliefs and stirring emotions for those lost and gone forever. "What really comes next?" isn't the plot line and isn't even a main idea, but it does have those teasers that will really make you feel hollow inside if you live with out salvation. And the plot itself! Wow, simply amazing, Mr. Liparulo takes you on such a journey and expedition for the truth, it's just amazing when you get to see all the little pieces fall into place! You will love this book, and I have three other family members and a couple acquaintances who will swear by it. You just have to read it for yourself.

Does anyone have any good suggestions on biographies of Cleopatra? I'm doing a project (we have a LOT of those apparently at this new school, and this ones for English, in History we're writing an essay on comedy and using the Simpson's as a research tool *gag*)

Other books I read this week (or I guess last) that I meant to read in OctOber (my spelling's getting better) but totally was swamped with end of the quarter exams and other random assignments all the teachers were dumping on us:

Thank You For Smoking, by Christopher Buckley (YES IT WAS A BOOK BEFORE not a dumb book..." IT WAS A MOVIE !!!! I can't tell you how many times I was asked if the book itself was based after the movie, I had to restrain from smacking some of them, "Hey Thank You for Smoking is a moovie, not some dumb book..." grrr, our culture is a sad sad representation of all our higher learning here in America--there is seriously a reason why Korea and Japan and practically every other world power has higher test scores in English and Mathematics then us...sorry for rambling I'm sick and haven't had enough coffee)

Little Green Men, also by Christopher Buckley (sooo funny! it was really good and the setting was my hometown so I was all smiles every time he'd put someone in a certain location or had then drive across a bridge that routinely see or cross or whatever-yes and Mr. Buckley has an knack for coming up with awkward romances, and given it's an adult comedy some scenes are down right hysterical)

and I'm still trying to finish The Man in The Brown Suit, by Agatha Christie who I am totally in love with, and have a dozen other books by her on my bookshelf. So yeah I've given you alot today and before I depart I am going to give my bedside (and by "Bedside" I mean not coming with me anywhere beyond the limits of my house) reader for the month: The Art of Seduction, by Robert Greene. Yes it is exactly as it's title suggests and I stole it off my dads shelf (he read it a couple months ago I think, but most of his reading along with my mom's have been reverted to presidential biographies and a bunch of great political reading for the up coming election, which of course when they are done with I'll steal as well) but yeah the book is actually very interesting, all about deception and pshycologly behind the great seductors-resses of our time and from history, giving you insight on various aspects of seduction as an art in it's self.

yes that was definatly longer then I intended, but still.


Erin said...

What's your favorite Agatha Christie novel? I've only read one: Cat Among the Pigeons, but I liked that a lot.

theatre said...

AHHHH THAT ONE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE!!!!! and Murder on THe Oreint Express, but Cat among the pigeons! is the bomb :) I highly recomend And then there were None (also published as Ten Little Indians) :)

International Mastermind said...

I LOVE AC! I love Death on the Nile!

I have been reciting the review from the author of GERM by memory for hours now. Can't wait to read it!

International Mastermind said...

Ooh, and the cover of that is awe some- love the burning red eye!

Erin said...

Thanks for the recs!