Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Since ya beggin'

REFUGEES, by Catherine Stine, is amazing. It has really tugged at my emotions.
"Yes, I did hate her."
"I am scared, Dawn."
Dawn is a 16 year old foster girl, currently living at Louise and Victors. She is hot tempered, because of all the years, first living at Epiphany group home, then at a home where she was beaten, then returned to Epiphany, and sent off, and re-returned. Now all that she allows herself to care about is her flute music and her best friend, Jude. But when Louise goes to the afghanis aid, she and Jude run away, to NYC. Refugees.
Johar is a 15 year old orphan who lived at his aunt Maryams with his brother Daq, and baby cousin, Bija. (In Afghanistan.) The taliban and Al Queda terrorize his people, capturing his aunt, then his brother. He carries Bija to Camp Suryast, in search of refuge.
Suddenly, in NYC, the World Trade Center is attacked by terrorists. Dawn is launched into the devastation, and is soon left alone by Jude. When she calls Louise at last, in Afghanistan, Johar picks up the phone. Soon the two refugees are closer friends then ever. Through email, Johar and Dawn share thier true feelings. Fear, mostly. But also their hobbies, Dawns music and Johars poetry.
"It will be okay, Johar"
"Thank you, Dawn"


Edge said...

What can I say? I love books. I'll have to search for this at the 'brary, since I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy books (unless I KNOW I won't find them at the library...sad days:-)

International Mastermind said...

Book lovers unite here, not to mention the freaks ;)

Bohae said...

Sounds really great :) Love the review!(Hey, I should get going and doing one myself...)