Thursday, November 22, 2007

What do YOU think?

I don't know about you, but I was getting a little bit sick of our old green color. Tell me if you disagree with the blue, and tell me what you would prefer. (I will listen!)
Also we were talking about stuff to stick on the sidebar. (taken from "blog classification and a query")


International Mastermind said...
I think that each of us should do a seperate kiki strike review. It would be cool to hear each other's opinions!

October 7, 2007 1:33 PM
theatre said...
i totally agree

we should compile a list of all of our favorite books and stick it on the sidebar or something

October 7, 2007 7:51 PM
CosimaCat said...
And maybe do a list of books we´d each like to read

October 8, 2007 8:09 AM
bloody awful poetry said...
or maybe a list of all the authors we've reviewed so far,with links to their official pages,and stick that on the sidebar?

October 9, 2007 12:53 AM
CosimaCat said...
Or all of the above?

October 9, 2007 4:32 PM

So, I ask if you would rather have a list of: favorite reads, books that we want someone to review, links to cool author sites, or favorite authors.

Try to choose. Any more ideas? tell me. But please don't.

Hey, I was also thinking, (there is a first!) what if we did a book award on here? You know, we nominate a few books, and vote on the best one. Then we could give it an award, like the "Freakiest Book of the Month" or something less crappy than that. We would have to then all read the winner. Maybe we could put the list of winners on the sidebar, with links.

I have probably overloaded your brain, but just tell me what you think of everything.


Bohae said...

Suggestion for layout: try a lighter color for the font because it's a little difficult to read with just dark colors (or it could just be my computer :) Other than that, it's great!

I looked at the poll, and I can't decide... Each option has its own-how should I say it?-*special thing* about them. Hmm...

Bohae said...

Oops - I meant *default* font color - but I guess it doesn't really matter since we can change the color of the font on our own post when we're editing ; )

Lena La'Faye said...

FUSCHIA! This blue is too dark. We totally need some good, quality pinky-purple goodness!

theatre said...

yeah purple would be great, very royall and cloudy--hints at the dark side without pushing it type of thing,

we should do a list of all the things on the poll and add pics of fav's

I could come up with a header you guys might like, really spice it up...

we should have themed months or something?

I agree with the winter book thing, each of us should take a bk or 2 and review them/decided the freakest one of all and all hail begotten forwrd to said bk. I do actually talk like that too if you all are wondering

we should have a week where we take the multple reviews for Kiki and have us take them instead of reviewing persay, list key elements of the story (dropping hints) wihtout actually giving anything away. Untilted 1 to 4 word posts just really nagging at readers, with Kiki Strike:Inside the shadow city, etc.. underneath it

theatre said...

ha 10:48, yeah right it's 2 AM

Lena La'Faye said...

Dudes, if you like, I'll make this blog a header like the one on 'Stranger and Stranger' ?

Edge said...

Hey, y'all...

I'm sorry, but I resigned myself from the blog. College is taking more time than I thought it would. (Surprise, surprise). I will, however, keep reading the blog and commenting! And BTW, I like the idea of purple as a background.

imastermind said...


bloody awful poetry said...

by edge!good luck with college and come back
Oh ja purple. A nice shade of purple. I was thinking black,but that's too common.purple it is.and i guess the font colours will be up to us.
I'm sticking with the-links-to-great-authors-on-the-sidebar mainly because i suggested it,but we shall see how the votes go.
and it would be cool to have a theme every month! different themes of freakyness.shall we start next month? what theme?