Tuesday, November 13, 2007

River Secrets

by Shannon Hale

Okay. I know, I know, I finished this book a while ago - but since I did an Enna Burning review, it seemed quite right to do this one too (it does have some creepy stuff in it, I admit, such as weird murders and such like that).

Characters: Razo, Enna, Finn, Dasha

Settings: Mostly in the country of Tira

"Romantic Couples": Razo and Dasha, Enna and Finn

So... Razo starts out as one who isn't the most tall or athletic type of guy - but hey, he's great with a sling! And he's also good with his eyes, which helped him to accompany Talone and the rest of the *chosen ones* to Tira, where they would accompany Geric's cousin who was an ambassador for Bayern (getting a little ahead of myself).

Okay, slowing down a bit: There are still bad feelings toward Bayern from Tira's side, resulting of the blood-red war explained in Enna Burning. The two countries have come toward an agreement, though: they'd send an ambassador to the other country, and see what happens there. Well, the "what" could determine whether or not there would be another war - no pressure, of course.

But when unexpected burned bodies show up, things start to heat up. Razo acts as a spy to look out for unusual actions of any sort, just in case something might slip by the others. Alas, Razo cannot help falling head-over-heals for the Tiran ambassador's daughter, Dasha, while he's spying and working for Bayern. It's a tough time - for you really don't know who to trust anymore.

Okay, I think I may have said too much, but erase everything in your minds right now and go read River Secrets!! It is sooo worth it...

*If any information I have provided is inaccurate, please comment about it, thanks : )

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Anidori-Isilee said...

Dasha rules.

Book of a Thousand Days is awesome. My favorite book ever.

Bohae said...

I really really really really really REALLY want to read Book of a Thousand Days right now...*waiting with anticipation*

theatre said...

my sister read The Princess Diary's for a book club and love it :)