Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Goody-Two-Shoes Freak

Hey, so glad I could join : ) Anyway, this blog is for freakish types of books (mostly)... and for "plain good" books too! I think I lean more on the "good books" category, but of course: if I ever do come across a freakishy good/good freakish book, I will be sure to post ASAP...

I guess this is more of a post about me: a bookworm, a maniac bookworm, a fanatical bookish type bookworm, a freakish bookworm, if you know what I mean : ) Visit my other to blogs (if you want): Personal Prattle and A Day's Worth - found in my profile.

I guess I should share a really good book, since I'm posting anyway:
Enna Burning by Shannon Hale

(*Of course, this includes spoilers -both subtle and very irritating - so I apologize for this*)

Characters: Enna, Finn, Razo, Isi, Geric, Sileph, Talone (the most major characters)

Settings: The countries ~ Bayern, Tira, (mention of Kildenree); a Tiran campsite, out in the wilderness (major settings)

"Romantic Couple(s)": Enna and Finn, Isi and Geric, Enna and Sileph (doesn't turn out well)

I really love this book, obviously, since I love basically almost every book ever made! It's about a girl who finds a new talent, and tries to control it, but has to tackle challenging obstacles. But Enna also has to find out what her life holds for her, what she's meant to do. She has to follow her heart, listening to her conscience ~ the best conscience of all: good, trustworthy friends.

She's loyal to her country, but a smooth talking Tiran soldier tries to convince her to betray her home. Of course, her good friend Isi helps Enna in subtle ways, help saving yet again another war from doing any more damage.

Once you get into this book, you can't get out. I rate this: 8.5 out of ten. Pretty good, eh?

*If any information I have provided is inaccurate, please comment about it, thanks : )

Other books you should read by Shannon Hale:
"Bayern Books"
~ The Goose Girl
~ River Secrets
More Fantasy
~ Princess Academy
~ Book of A Thousand Days (I have yet to read this! ~but I have a feeling it's gonna be great : )
Other - But Pretty Awesome!
~ Austenland

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Anilee said...

Book of a Thousand Days is absolutely amazing. ;)

Can I join? My email's todwellondreams@gmail.com. :D

Bohae said...

Well, I'd love you to join, but international-mastermind has to add you... Oooh, I wish I could read BoTD right now.... *sighs* - River Secrets is pretty good, though :)

International Mastermind said...

I'll add u!!!

Anidori-Isilee said...


I love River Secrets; it makes me laugh. And the commonly used abbrevation of Book of a Thousand Days is B1000. ;)

Bohae said...

Oops... *hides face in shame*... How could I have not known? Well, now I am informed ;) Merci to you anilee ;)