Monday, October 1, 2007

The Saviours Of English Magick

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For my very first post on By Freaks For Freaks (yay! Thank yooo International Mastermind!) is quite possibly the freakiest book ever written.
Set in historical times, when a certain Napoleon dude was trying to make as much trouble as he possibly could,two unlikely heroes turn up to resurrect the past glory and fabulousness-ness of English Magick.
It's quite impossible to give away the entire plot, due to the very size and scope of this novel(it's over a thousand pages long). Let's just say it is full of insane kings, mirrors that lead to other lands,houses that never look the same way twice, lovely ladies being resurrected from the dead,a certain woman's pinky finger, eternal ballroom dancers, creepy bells,Scottish boglands, Belgium turning up in Boston,lots and lots of books, the essence of madness,and old woman and her cats, even some traces of werewolf-ery, and the Duke of Wellington. Add such romantic and hoplessly chilling names like End-Of-All-Hope House and the Tower Of The Plucked Eye and you get 1000 pages of the most stunningly freaky piece of literature you're ever likely to read.
The prose style is rather 19th century and might not appeal to most,but persevere and thou shall be rewarded-eth.

You can buy a copy of the book and read other reviews here

Oh. And loads and loads of ravens.
Many many many many ravens.


theatre said...

alright we should so do a dedicattion to october with urban-fantasy or something...
wicked I so have to read that, screw Harry potter (you can kill me later) there are plenty of alternatinves!

theatre said...

oh gosh, ravens...ravens?...RAVENS! if there is anything that can freack me out it's ravens, they fly around our house nad school and pretty much everywhere, blah, creepy, ominous

Bloody Awful Poetry said...

Yes! Screw harry potter! Screw the lord of the rings!

International Mastermind said...

Lord of the rings sucks..... but curse you! Hary potter is the bestestestestestestestestestestest