Monday, October 22, 2007


I know Theatre already posted about Ted Dekker, but I'm reading Skin right now, and I must comment on it: it's so cool. Creepy, too. Creepy crawly, up your spine sort of creepiness. Yes. This is actually the first book I've read by Dekker, and it's pretty good - except that I must admit: it sort of drags on and on in the middle. Overall, though: enjoyable.

Comment on the cover: if you stare at it long enough (stare at the face in the sand), then it sorta creeps you out. Creepy crawly, blah blah. Or maybe it just seems more fake. I dunno. This was totally random : )
Other books by Dekker (which I haven't read - and can't wait to read):
"Circle Trilogy"
"Martyr's Song Series"
The Martyr's Song
When Heaven Weeps
Heaven's Wager
Thunder of Heaven
Note: the order of the series and trilogy may be incorrect


Edge said...

The Circle Trilogy has one word: amazing. There are a couple slow parts in each book (as in every book), but the concept is fascinating.

theatre said...

"the concept" is a total spin on the Bible and Jesus and I cry every time I read Jason's murder and Rachel and the Great Romance (OMGOMGOMGOMG best writing ever) and all of them they are just soooo good...

alright so you put the books in the order I read them, but Showdown comes before Saint, but it doesn't really matter you just see a bunch of inside little clues that make you go "OHHH! thats what that ment!" It's really cool.