Thursday, October 18, 2007

Platinum by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

So this book isn't necessarily "freaky", but since the main character has the supernatural power of the Sight and is worried that if anyone finds out she'll be branded a freak...

Lilah Covington. She's more than Golden: she's Platinum, the uncontested ruler of Emory High. But at the moment, Lilah's world is falling about. Her second-in-command might just be plotting to steal Lilah's place and her boyfriend. If that's not enough, Lilah's worried she's a freak: she's having these weird visions of the past as well as being followed by a mysterious ghost that only she can see (and she might actually be in love with said ghost). Something supernatural and freaky is going on, and it's Lilah's job to find out what exactly it is.

I loved Platinum. Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of my favorite authors simply because her narrators are always so wonderfully realistic, and Lilah's my favorite. Lilah is the girl you'd hate in real life, but knowing her--her thoughts and feelings and everything that makes Lilah Lilah--makes you like her because you see exactly where she's coming from. This book is lots of fun, a quick read, with good characters and decently written. I'd recommend reading Golden first, but Platinum stands well enough on its own.


Bohae said...

Whoa that sounds cool :)

International Mastermind said...

I have SO gotta read that! So many fantasy/science fiction have people with "The Sight," these days.