Monday, October 8, 2007

Imogen Heap, Headlock

so this isn't anything having to do with books but I think the song/video are sweet and freaky in general

recomendations for Octuber reading (or reading that I plan on finishing):

Hallowe'en Party, Agatha Christie
Comes a Horseman, Robert Liparulo
Evil: an investigation, Lance Morrow


International Mastermind said...

Love that song!

bloody awful poetry said...

me wouldn't mind branching out to freaky music and movies either..

CosimaCat said...

October is a tuber?
(Sorry, I'm unable to keep from poking fun at typos...)
Fexelent song though. personally Let Go and Must be Dreaming (the latter's weirder) are my favorites of hers however.

Why not? Branch out into freaky anything!