Sunday, April 27, 2008

My apologies

Junior year is just all around terrible, you know? And mentally and emotionally...I haven't been feeling well this whole year. Mainly I spend most of my time feeling horrible about everything so...

Plus I actually haven't gotten a lot of reading time. It totally sucks, but there it is.

But right now I am reading something that qualifies as freaky, and I'm almost done with it, so I'll post thoughts about it when I finish it, sometime this week.

And since I use Google Reader, I very rarely leave comments. But I am reading!



International Mastermind said...

Glad to see your back! Aw, I hope ya have a better year. I'm sure you can cheer yourself up somehow! :)
You need a trip to the library for a stack of good books.

Bloody Awful Poetry said...

Well I hope things work out for you too. Andwe're very sorry that the IM and myself have been hard on you guys =(

littlechar said...

ah sick, me too I had a cough for the entire third and well into the fourth quarter, I lost my voice it got so bad for a little while.
school has been a terrible waste of energy and I'm not even putting inthat much, oh well

we're about to finish To kill amockingbird in book ever :)

Random Irregular said...

I am a Freak. I love to read. Will it be possible for me to join this interesting blog you have here? I do have a blog account.

International Mastermind said...

Sure! Just send the email adress that you use for your username here to my other blog (imastermind) and I will invite you!

Anonymous said...

listen i know this is a little late but my real username is LunaBelle. yo can look me up on blogger. please oh please pretty pretty pretty please with squid on top can i join?

International Mastermind said...

Hi LunaBelle! Oh, the squid got me.
Just send the email adress that you use to log in to me, at .

Get ready for some posting!!!

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