Monday, April 7, 2008

Update: A Poem that made me cry

So, I was bored and searching that poem on Google. Apparently, the REAL original poem ended "He began to draw flowers with his crayons. They were red, blue, and orange."

It's WAY happier and all that crap-but I like the other version better. It just pulls out more feeling and makes you think more. It almost can change you in a small way. Like "Oh, wait. I remember that poem. Am I giving in to the molding of my brain? (Or am I possibly molding someone elses?)"

Just for those of you that may have had your heart ripped out for a few seconds there. (e.g. me).


Bloody Awful Poetry said...

Meh. I really do prefer the original version.

And he began to make flower.

It was red, with a green stem.

It's just sadder, you know. And sometimes I WANT to get my heart ripped out and all. Weird.And yeah the original version totally provokes thought and makes you wonder if you're letting yourself be moulded into common conventions or worse, if you're moulding another person, especially a child, into losing their individuality.
Good stuff.

Muslim Irregular said...

What! but the other version was just you know, it had a better effect!!!