Monday, April 21, 2008

Only Uphill Allowed from Here

Okay, so it's pretty obvious that Bloody Awful Poetry and I have been the only freakybloggers posting around here. (New review on the way!) I believe that Theatre/Teen Vegan/LittleChar has officially vanished from the internet, and god knows where on earth CosimaCat, Spring, Lena, and Andori-Isilee have gotten to. (Spring, I saw the draft of your post- PLEASE, finish it and POST!!!) We are glad to welcome Sekrit7 to the Freakiest blog on the web, and I believe that she will actually help us keep up the posts here. I am going to politely but forcefully remind everyone that they are still part of the blog via comments. Maybe not so politely.

Sorry, I just reread my post. I guess this is a bit rude and perhaps mean, but we need to keep this up! I also have something REALLY important for our New Englanders that might happen. So, off to comment to you all. I won't sound so evil if you take a look at the past 10 posts or so. Tsk tsk.


Bloody Awful Poetry said...

No's not rude. Just persistent.
Yep it would so totally be nice to have some comments appreciation, even if you guys don't post. Just come back and check on the poor blog about once a week eh? =)

Bloody Awful Poetry said...

Oooh and really glad to have Sekrit7 on board too! Fresh blood! And i totally mean that in a good way too. *beams*

International Mastermind said...

Yeah, I commented on everyone's blog. Theatre, Lena and CosimaCat haven't been on their OWN bogs since January or February!!!

I think that they got abductaped by aliens.

Sekrit7 said...

Hello guys! I am really happy to join, (and I just read a VERY bad book, so I am planning to humiliate it further in my post *evil grin*)

Cassie said...

How do you keep track of all the authors of your blog? =B

*is a craaazy stalker/lurker* =P

Your blog is awesome, congrats to Bridget {sektri7}! *pouts because you didn't tell me at school*

Bloody Awful Poetry said...

Hellooo Cassie! Our very own crazy lurker!

How do we keep track? Well considering there are only two active mebers at the mo, three, once Sekrit gets her post up, it's not really too hard =)

International Mastermind said...

Wahooligans! Crazy lurkers are welcome, as long as you don't have homicidal tendencies...

Cassie said...

Homicidal tendencies?




Um, not that I know of. XD